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Our Research and Strategy centre of expertise provides a wide range of services – with one common purpose: to prepare and support the changes our clients must make to better take into account environmental protection requirements.

While regulatory constraints are often the main trigger for change in this field, they also foster innovation and the creation of economic and social values. For instance, the polluter pays principle has been transposed into national laws across the EU in different ways. This has led to an increasing number of EPR schemes, where producers’ responsibilities have been extended to cover the final stages of a product’s lifecycle.

TERRA has extensive experience in helping clients implement these schemes in the motor vehicle, clothing, electrical appliance, electronic goods, furniture, paper, printing and consumer packaging industries.

We are active at each stage of developing EPR schemes in order to collect and analyse economic, technical and regulatory data, which is decisive in allowing us to support and optimise financial and/or organisational structures. This involves:

  • Benchmarking
  • Evaluating waste stocks and treatment options
  • Developing territorial organisation scenarios for chains of actors and interventions
  • Modelling costs
  • Drawing up business plans
  • Etc.

Our expertise also includes evaluating innovative processes and supporting R&D programmes to help clients improve the technical and economic performance of recycling systems.


Etienne AGENEAU, Research and Strategy Unit Manager

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