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The Business Intelligence & Data Management centre of expertise provides data management and information processing services, both in-house and for clients.

The team’s expert skills allow it to offer the following services:

  • Assistance to contracting authorities in information systems design – There, our specialized team uses its expertise to provide a wide range of services, including defining business needs, drafting tender specifications for system development, monitoring and planning system development, and acceptance and system testing.
  • Development of databases, analytical tools and simulations, reporting tools and business intelligence – Here, our team uses its considerable IT expertise to help clients develop tools with MS-Access, MySQL, MS-Excel-Visual-Basic and QlikView.
  • Analysis and processing of bulk data and statistical studies – The team also has extensive expertise in processing and analysing statistical data. These skills are relevant for several sectors thanks to specific statistical analysis and simulation software (for example, R-Statistics and XL-Stats).
  • Other software expertise: geographical information systems & spatial mapping, waste stream management and on-line surveys – Last, our team is also able to provide technical support to projects with specific requirements in: cartography (regions, countries, continents, sea basins, etc.), waste stream management and analysis, and on-line surveys. Software tools include Articque, StAN and Sphinx.

Etienne AGENEAU, Business Intelligence & Data Management Unit Manager

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